With a PhD in organizational behavior and as a certified business consultant and marketing coach, Terri is dedicated to maximizing human potential in corporate and entrepreneurial environments.

She is a sought after speaker at events around the world. Terri keynotes, moderates and speaks at a variety of conferences, summits, business events and virtual events. Her message resonates with audiences because she delivers powerful strategies and tools that make a long lasting impact on audiences. In her extensive career, Dr. Levine has lead thousands of seminars, training workshops and professional keynotes. Her message engages and energizes audiences. Attendees leave feeling empowered, thrilled, and excited to implement what she taught.

Terri Levine has been captivating audiences and being asked back again and again. She will have your audience laughing and learning with her transformational stories and your audience will thank you for bringing her to them. Terri always leaves a lasting impact on every organization she speaks for. She is known for her stellar keynotes and training and she customizes every talk to maximize your organization’s goals and will explode whatever results you want to achieve.

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Terri's Topics


Heart Based Leadership Works:

Heart-Based Leadership drives higher levels of service, productivity, quality, and ultimately, sales and profits. This keynote is more than business education, it is info-tainment and provides advice to transform your leadership by:

Building trust through authenticity

  • Build trust through authenticity
  • Improve communication with transparency
  • Generate massive employee engagement
  • Turn “task managers” into “people leaders”

Terri shares what it takes to become heart-based, authentic leaders who generate massive employee engagement.


Business Growth Turbo Charged:

This keynote will teach the system for fast business growth from Terri’s International Bestselling Book, Turbocharge: How to Transform Your Business As a Heart-repreneur®. Terri shares proprietary strategies to quickly improve business strategy, business effectiveness, and significantly improve effectiveness in all areas of marketing.

Her model is practical and proven and adds to the overall health and growth of every organization. Through her real life stories and fun style, people learn while they are laughing and they leave armed with information to Turbocharge their business.


Marketing on a Shoestring:

Terri helps her clients get more customers, make more profits and gain more free time, all while practicing creative marketing techniques that require little or no money. She will share proven techniques from the coauthored Guerrilla Marketing books she has written and will leave the audience with over 300 ways to marketing that are all low and no cost. This presentation is a lot of fun, very engaging and memorable.


Sell without Selling:

Terri gives this presentation from her International Bestselling Book, Sell Without Selling: Lessons From the Jungle for Sales Success. She will share stories of keys that have made her businesses successful, as well as the businesses of the service professionals she mentors. With her non sales-like approach, anyone can generate top sales for their company.

The audience will laugh, be entertained and will remember her key points and put them to use instantly.


TURBOCHARGE Your Business and Life:

Terri is known as the “coaches coach” and in this high energy, informational, motivational session, she will explain and demonstrate the simple coaching skills you need to be motivated from within. This keynote is based on her book Coaching is For Everyone.

Attendees will know the things they must do TODAY to be the person who they know they are. She will help them get clear on what they want to achieve in life, what they want to achieve in their careers, how to reduce stress, how to have more effective communication, how to improve their relationships and to see what skills they need to grow and develop further. Expect to laugh, expect to ponder, and expect to be motivated and moved!


Winning the Game!:

Terri is a Master Coach who shares the concepts of persuasion and influence without selling during this keynote. The keynote is based on her bestselling book Sell Without Selling:Lessons From the Jungle for Sales Success. She will teach how to have impact through your language and storytelling to get buy-in from clients and peers. Terri will teach the right words to deliver to close a sale, retain an employee, or engage a prospective client. Her presentation coach is filled with immediately applicable skills.

After hearing this keynote, audiences will walk away with practical tools for managing words and their perceived meaning to win the investment of clients and teams.