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I believe in working with people who treat every business relationship the same way that they treat their customers, with authenticity, kindness and appreciation. Before we get into the nitty gritty of how I can help you, please ask yourself these three questions:

  • Is making a difference in other people’s lives with my business important to me?
  • Am I passionate about what I do?
  • Do I feel that I am underpaid for my services?

Yes, this is how I strive to treat my customers, employees, vendors and anyone else who I come into contact with integrity, kindness and authenticity.

Congratulations! You’ve come to the right place.


Services & Resources

No one enjoys looking at a menu with no prices (scary!) so why would we hide ours from you? Take a look at what kind of business lovin’ we are serving up in our kitchen this season.

From our heart to yours


Terri’s Books $10-$40

Terri Levine is the author of 12 bestselling books about selling, coaching, business strategy and designing a life that you love.

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How do you get hot leads who want to hire YOU –
Master Class FREE Webinar

You’re ready to try your first dish with the chef and see if there is a spark.

In This Master Class, You’ll Discover…

  • Why you are under-earning
  • Why you have to stop trading time for money
  • How to create valuable outcomes for clients
  • How to create your high ticket premium group program
  • The six-figure plan
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Strategy Session

Sometimes a chat with a trusted friend and a glass of wine can do wonders when you are at odds with your partner. You get new perspective. You get to hear another person’s experience in a similar situation. Think of Terri as that friend that will not only soothe your breaking heart and business, but have you waking up feeling refreshed and ready to fix your business with more sales and confidence than ever before. Plus, no nasty hangover.

Work one on one and heart to heart with Terri. During this 90-minute phone call, you’ll meet with Terri and take a deep dive into your business. She will identify your pain points and give you her step-by-step six figure plan to start turning your business around today.

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Deluxe Comprehensive Home Study Program

This home study program is a valuable option for those seeking an inexpensive way to learn the skills and marketing techniques to build a successful coaching business, or to supplement an existing business.

It is a complete home study course covering the full range of topics and issues facing coaches as they create, build and grow their coaching practices.

Whether you are already a coach, in training or still thinking about it, this coaching home study course has everything you need. Even if you are in business, in H.R. or in any managerial or supervisory role, you must recognize the need for proficient coaching skills to get the best out of your life and that of your workforce. This program will help you do that.


The Benefits You Get With This Program:

  • Learn at your own pace in any place, whether at the beach, your home, office, etc.
  • Gain extraordinary coaching skills for an incredibly low investment.
  • Designed by a recognized master of coaching who earns an incredible seven-figure income from her coaching business. She’ll teach you how you can do the same.
  • Student manual with every coaching competency laid out in an easy, effortless way, making it easy to learn on your own. You’ll find the materials feel like Terri is coaching you directly to create success. Simply follow her formula step-by-step, and success will be yours!
  • NO RISK Guarantee! You can return the package within two weeks for a complete refund.


What’s Included In Your Program?

COACH TRAINING: Coach Training Guidebooks

The highly respected and internationally recognized Heart-repreneur®, LLC Guidebooks – previously ONLY available to registered students.



If, within 14 days of receiving your program, you are not satisfied for any reason, simply return it to us for a full refund.
(Shipped within 24-48 hours of order receipt)

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The Ultimate Game Plan To Attract High Paying Clients Who Love You
– Six Week Master Class Program

Your Program includes:

  • Weekly ask the expert group question and answer coaching calls with an expert in applying the information in the library directly linked to business (recordings are available so you never miss any).
  • Weekly mentoring with Dr. Terri in small group coaching sessions for 90 minutes (unless she is on vacation for which happens 2x – 4x per year) to get access to Dr. Terri and get her direct mentoring help to customize marketing (recordings are available so you never miss any).
  • Access to Dr. Terri’s private Facebook group for clients only, where you can interact with Dr. Terri and other members of the program for support and guidance.
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Ultimate Business Growth System

For Systematic Business Growth You Can Count On

Are you and your business on the rocks? Think of Terri as the marriage counselor for your business, here to save the day and fast. You are in this for the long haul, but just like in every good relationship, it takes constant work, effort and honesty. During this one-year commitment, you join Terri for a program that will keep you in check, challenging yourself and growing your sales to heights you never thought possible.

Your Program includes:

  • One year of access to Dr. Terri’s complete online training library that contains everything you need for your marketing and business growth including templates, samples, formats and written scripts, video training, e-lessons and much more with the essentials of how to get more prospects, convert more prospects, and make a lot more money.
  • Weekly group coaching with an expert from The Ultimate Business Growth system to help you use the training tools and exact templates and materials you need to get more leads, have more conversions, create more transactions, charge higher prices, make more profits and to build a million dollar business.
  • One year of weekly ask the expert group question and answer coaching calls with an expert in applying the information in the library directly to your business (recordings are available so you never miss any)
  • One year of weekly mentoring with Dr. Terri in small group coaching sessions for 90 minutes (unless she is on vacation for which happens 2x – 4x per year) to get access to Dr. Terri and get her direct mentoring help to customize my marketing and provide support (recordings are available so you never miss any)
  • Acceptance in Dr. Terri’s private Facebook group for clients only where you can interact with Dr. Terri and the other members of the program to get support and guidance
Join Me and Pay Annually
Join Me and Pay Monthly

VIP Coaching

If VIP coaching were a romantic getaway, this VIP coaching seminar would be at an all-inclusive resort in Hawaii on Valentine’s Day. During this customized coaching session you will get the TLC and the kick in the butt that your business needs.

Break through your business barriers and skyrocket your success. Invest in one full, focused VIP strategic planning day. And enjoy the returns for a lifetime.

You need THE PLAN – strategically developed for YOU.

You also need the mentor who makes it happen.

Apply for your VIP strategic planning day with Terri Levine and—if you’re accepted—

together you will develop your entire business plan for the next year, designed to help you realize your vision for your business.

You’ll also fine tune that vision, and the direction you need to go in to make it a reality.

It all starts with a thorough assessment of your business to determine where your business is currently, and where you want to go.

And that’s just the beginning. By the end of your focused VIP session, you will have:

  • Clarity of your exact market and niche
  • Deep understanding of who your ideal client is
  • Working knowledge of your ideal client’s problems/challenges/fears/frustrations and true desires –
  • and the ONE result they want from you that they are willing to invest a premium price in
  • Your story and credibility
  • Your system/solution and model … named, with a visual representation of it
  • Your high-ticket service package for your advice based business
  • Your delivery method and offer
  • Your marketing message and plan with clear strategic goals
  • Your system to get automated leads

“And that’s not all…” You will also be gifted with:

BONUS 1: MP3 recording of your VIP day
BONUS 2: Terri’s complete Ultimate Enrollment System training and Rapid ROI Training Programs (retail $997)
BONUS 3: VIP Lunch (if you meet in person rather than by Skype)
BONUS 4: Customized Journal
EXTRA “ACT NOW” BONUS: Complimentary ticket to Terri’s upcoming live event.


The choice is yours: you can meet in person at Terri’s home or via SKYPE so you can focus entirely on you and your 6-figure business plan.

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The Facebook Equation $97

How to rock Facebook and make money and do it the RIGHT WAY!!!

If you really want to get the inside skinny on how to rock Facebook and make money and do it the RIGHT WAY then this tasty morsel is for you.

Terri will open a Facebook group just to show you how to get people to see your posts, like your posts, and share your posts so they actually show up in front of your target audience. Be cool in the group and we’ll have a ton of fun and you’ll be far ahead of your competitors.

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Hire Terri to speak at your event.

Terri shares her heart in many forms, but there is no better way to hear it than from the stage. Terri has been a keynote speaker at conferences for E Women’s Network, Prudential, General Electric, Dr. Joe Vitale’s Spiritual Summit, the National Women’s Conference, the American Speech Language Hearing Association, Pennsylvania Healthcare Association and many more. She has spoken at Coaching Conferences in Turkey, Israel, Croatia and Slovenia spreading her message and strategies to thousands of people.

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Code of Values


⚬ Valuing others as much as we value ourselves

⚬ Deeply tuning in during all conversations

⚬ Responding quickly and thoroughly

⚬ Being charge neutral and non-judgmental
⚬ Honoring each person as right in their beliefs


⚬ Keeping our word

⚬ Doing what we say we will do

⚬ Under promising and over delivering

⚬ Communicating any commitments or promises we may have broken immediately to the person we are in relationship with

⚬ Speaking openly and being fully transparent at all times

⚬ Using clarifying questions to be certain we fully understand

⚬ Never speaking around a person – directing what we have to say directly to the person

Client Centered Focus

⚬ Doing everything we can to foster long-term client loyal relationships

⚬ Always appreciating our clients and acknowledging them as our extended family

Having Fun Is Essential!